Tsabong is the main village in the Kgalagadi South District, in the Kalahari Desert. It has a population of 6,591 (Population census, 2001) and as of 2008 was estimated at about 9,000. The village has a hospital and a maternity clinic that cater for surrounding villages. There is also a Juniour Secondary School, 3 Primary Schools and 3 Day Care Centers. It serves as the main service centre for civil government to the community. It is a growing village with potential for modernization. 

The population comprises of two main racial groups, black and coloured, and a number of tribes like the Batlharo, Bakgalagadi, BaKgothu, and Herero. Tsabong is divided into various wards such as the Herero, Kgothu, and Matlhatlhaganya wards to list a few.

The church in Kgalagadi South District comprises of one organized church and two companies, Werda and Makopong. Here is a brief History of the church in this district, and you will notice that we shall also touch other areas to enhance appreciation of the work here. Please note that this is not an exhaustive description..

Individual members of the Seventh-day Adventist church are said to have come to the village in the 1980s. The first record of the presence of the church is in 1993 after an effort conducted by Pastor Modigah and Pastor Robert Hall when six persons were baptized. The members who were baptized during that effort seem to have fallen back as they are missing. Only one of those baptized in that effort is still attending church and has since moved to Tshane Village where he serves as the Village Chief (Kgosi).

The church in Tsabong when still a company was managed by itinerant pastors in the 90s and early 2000s who travelled a distance of about 1200km from one corner of the Kgalagadi to Ghantsi and probably more. The Kgalagadi District was for a while shared by two pastors, Pastor Modiga (Gantsi District) and Pastor Mokgabe (Kgalagadi District). There were other pastors in the Ghantsi District like pastor L. T Serole (Tsootsha, Kalkfonteing), grandfather to pastor Gaamangwe Serole, who passed away 2000.

The South Botswana Field requested pastor Mokgabe to pastor Kgalagadi and Ghantsi district district after pastor Modigah was laid to rest in 1997. This meant that pastor Mokgabe was seen on occasion in Tsabong as he covered this vast desert land until his death in 2003. He is remembered affectionately by the comminunity in Tsabong and the surrounding villages as a true missionary through his visits.

In 2003, the South Botswana Field organized the church in Tsabong. Then in 2004, Tsabong church became the only organized church in a new district called Kgalagadi South. Kgalagadi Gantsi District was then divided into three districts, Kgalagadi South, Kgalagadi North and Gantsi Districts. In Mid 2004, Pastor Kago Rammidi was posted to Kgalagadi North District and Pastor Tapologo Kago Simankane was posted to Kgalagadi South District. Only until 2006 Pastor Phemelo Seboka was posted to Gantsi District. Pastor T. K. Simankane still serves in Kgalagadi South and resides in Tsabong Village.